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Moshi Urban, Tanzania

The Hadza, a small ethnic group of hunter-gatherers, are the earliest known inhabitants of the Yaida Valley, though no one can say for sure when they arrived or where they came from originally. Linguistic studies show that while their language is superficially similar to the Khoisan language group of the Bushmen and Hottentots, it cannot be placed in any of the recognized major ethno-linguistic groups.

The Yaida Valley Tourism Program began in the early 1990’s when the Hadzabe community invited a small, family-owned safari company to bring tourists to the Yaida Valley. The relationship between the Hadza (as they are called in English) and the Peterson family goes back some forty years, and it was of concern to both parties that tourism in the valley serve the Hadza’s needs and values. The Hadza’s invitation led to a series of powwows, resulting in a carefully monitored program.

The Yaida Valley Tourism Program is based on certain principles, among them:

The Hadza have valuable knowledge that the rest of the world has lost.

Hunting and gathering cultures, with their foundation of ecological prudence, have lessons to teach all people. What the Hadza would like you, as a visitor, to take home is an appreciation of their culture not as an antiquated tradition disconnected from the modern world but as a valid part of it. This approach to tourism bolsters self-identity among a people victimized by severe prejudice and discrimination across the board.

Community values and goals are paramount.

Because Hadza land is a communal resource and Hadza society is egalitarian, tourism is judged worthwhile only if it enhances community land and resource rights. In particular, tourism should not permit individuals to profit at the expense of the community. Tourist proceeds go primarily to community accounts, though smaller fees (structured by the community) may be paid to local individuals who take part in a given tourist visit


Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) (Google Map)


Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.


  • Pick-up and Drop-off from Moshi
  • Camera fees
  • Lunch and Drinking water
  • Tour guide Charge
  • Cultural village entry fees.

  • Accommodations
  • Professional guide


  • Tips
  • Personal Expenditures

Departure from Moshi very early morning to visit the Hadzabe and go hunting with them.

The Hadzabe Tribe live in the dry terrain near Lake Eyasi, south of Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. They have existed in this region for over 3000 years.

The Hadzabe people are nomads and thus don’t live in the same place for long. They only set up camp for several days or even months and then when they have harvested the resources of their current location, they move to another area. Their moves are normally influenced by climate changes and the availability of wild fruits and vegetation for their animals. They build homes by weaving small huts out of sticks from the euphorbia bush.

The Hadzabe use bows, arrows and spears to hunt for food.

They eat roots, meat, wild fruits and use alternative medicine to treat their illnesses. They utilize sticks and grass to start fires. Their unique lifestyle makes a stay with them an interesting and stimulating experience.

Drive back to Moshi in afternoon.

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